Project updating translate how long can you be friends before dating

Use the same email and password you use to log in to Then, Translation Assistant will ask you to select the Help & Manual project file (.hmxp).

This fill will be in the root folder of your Help & Manual project. Next, you’ll select the language you’re translating from. Click on the Upload button in the project control panel.

There are two possible options for pre-translation Translation Memory Fill-up and Machine Translation Fill-up.

In case both pre-translation options are enabled they are executed sequentially, with Translation Memory Fill-up running first and after checking all new content, the Machine Translation Fill-up runs second on any remaining untranslated content.

Content updating happens either by adding new content or by updating any existing content. During this step, all untranslated content is checked against the enabled options for a matching translation.The latest version of this topic can be found at How to: Update Existing Templates.After you create a template and compress the files into a file, you may want to modify the template.This way, any 100% TM matches will be used as translations automatically, saving you on translation time and costs while ensuring better translation consistency.In this section, you will find all the details about the functionality and settings you can manage from the workflow page.

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